Our Board

Happily retired motorcyclist and fly fishing enthusiast, Kent has spent his lifetime traversing the Pacific Northwest as an Environmental Health Specialist Fishery Technician and ultimately as an Assistant Project Biologist @ Lower Granite Lock & Dam for the US Army Corps of Engineers in Walla Walla, WA, 2009. This is where he met the love of his life and married her. Kent spent his entire career serving as a public employee working to better the environment and interacting with federal, state, corporate and private entities as well as the public. Kent comes from a strong line of pro baseball players and enjoyed semi-pro ball himself as a young man. Kent is passionate about social justice and is excited about this new adventure in Sammy’s Place.


Kathleen is a resident of North Tillamook County and is excited to be joining the Board of Directors of Sammy’s Place,  Recently retired, Kathleen spent her life working for non-profit social service agencies. The last 15 years of her career were spent serving as the Executive Director of the Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center. During her time at the Center TCWRC implemented comprehensive outreach, education and violence prevention school-based programs; created partnerships with law enforcement agencies, healthcare providers,  local faith communities and other local and state organizations and opened our County’s first domestic violence shelter. Kathleen also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Kathleen has two children, three granddaughters, and two great-grandsons. She spends part of the year in Oregon and part in Mexico, a place that stole her heart many years ago. She is currently attempting to learn Spanish and painting. 


Kathy Jean Hrywnak200x200Kathy Jean brings years of experience working with people who experience disability. She and friends founded Sammy’s Place in 2006, through which she continued to serve individual families. Already a willing learner and compassionate person, she has learned to use those innate abilities even more skillfully in her years of doing the work which she is thrilled to be doing. After working with the Chick family, she and Julie realized that they could expand the mission of Sammy’s Place to include a larger community which will meet even more people’s needs. Committed to bringing the vision to fruition, Kathy Jean is excited by the challenge and eagerly anticipating the chapters to come.


julie-chickAs a native Oregonian, after spending time in the Hawaiian islands, Julie moved to the North Coast of Oregon in the late 1990’s to live next to the ocean, mountain and Nehalem Bay in order to pursue her love and reverence for the outdoors. She ran a small kayak/surf business providing eco-tours for visitors imparting the knowledge of the importance of nature’s required interdependence for its health and vitality. She then spent 10 years as the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership’s outreach and outdoor education coordinator where the Tillamook County Water Trail was developed – a National Recreation Trail. Julie is active in the local and regional community serving as a City of Nehalem Planning Commissioner; Council member on the Oregon Council of Developmental Disabilities; works for FACT Oregon and serves on a multitude of outdoor and recreation advisory groups. She and her husband have two sons – their oldest experiences Down syndrome. She advocates to bring a regional voice to the coastal disability communities and works to ensure that the Coast embraces the idea that disability is natural. She continues to use, to this day, the example of nature’s brilliance in its connectivity and diversity in order to thrive. Julie and her family can often be found exploring the local trails, rivers, and beaches of Tillamook County.


Vicki_Website200x200Vicki is a true homegrown Oregonian. After graduating from David Douglas HS she began her career at Standard Insurance Co. where she worked in investments, earned a B.S. in Business from Portland State University with a 12-year-old at home and eventually retired as Vice President. Now she lives on the north coast of Oregon with her husband, Brian, 3 dogs, and her two grandchildren close by. She and Brian travel internationally when it is not the salmon fishing season. They are both very involved grandparents and understand the importance of caring for a child with Down syndrome and looking out for the future.




March 1, 2019

The Advisory Team’s purpose:

1.To examine, represent, and include broad and dirverse ideas, backgrounds, and abilities.
2. To encourage communication flow between the 
Sammy’s Place Board of Directors and the community.
3. To harvest a breath of knowledge and passion for the project.
4. To build the board with intentional integrity. 
5. To maintain a positive forward movement in the growth of the overall team and project.
Sammy’s Place: Where everyone is supported to learn, grown, and thrive!

ANTHONY STOPPIELLO, Architect, Nehalem

CHANTELLE BROWN, Parent, Nehalem

CLAUDINE REHN, Parent/Grandparent, Nehalem

GLADYS JACOBSEN, Parent, Nehalem


HILARY FOOTE, Coastal Land Use Specialist, Nehalem

JOE WYKOWSKI, Founder, Community Vision Inc.

JULIE DALE, Parent, Tualitan, OR

LARK MILLER, Caregivern Nehalem

LYNDA CHICK, Family member, Nehalem

KENT BLEVINS, Biologist Support

KIMBER LUNDY, Self-Advocate Tillamook County

LEAH GREENWOOD, Halstead-Greenwood Consulting, Vancouver, WA

PAUL PETERSON, Parent/Grandparent, Oceanside, OR

SUE HILLIARD, Parent, Nehalem