May 2019 Progress Update

Thompson Road Property Cleanup

Clearing of the blackberries was the first priority to allow to see what lies beneath. Now that that has been completed along with removing all the of the vehicles and metal scraping, we can begin to focus on the following steps:

Site solid waste and hazardous waste inventory.

Property boundary survey.

Wetlands Delineation.

Asbestos determination.

Additionally, the City of Nehalem has agreed to sponsor an application for a DEQ Phase I Environmental Assessment by Oregon DEQ which will take place after most the solid/hazardous waste has been removed.  At this time no demolition is taking place on the house structure and there is no plan for who will do the cleanup and/or demolition.

There are many moving pieces at the Sammy’s Place Thompson Road property and we are working with the following agencies and organizations  to maintain the best standard of care to the immediate and surrounding environments:

Oregon DEQ

Department of State Lands

Tillamook County Solid Waste

City of Nehalem

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.

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