Our Board

Kathy Jean Hrywnak200x200Kathy Jean brings years of experience working with people who experience disability. She and friends founded Sammy’s Place in 2006, through which she continued to serve individual families. Already a willing learner and compassionate person, she has learned to use those innate abilities even more skillfully in her years of doing the work which she is thrilled to be doing. After working with the Chick family, she and Julie realized that they could expand the mission of Sammy’s Place to include a larger community which will meet even more people’s needs. Committed to bringing the vision to fruition, Kathy Jean is excited by the challenge and eagerly anticipating the chapters to come.


julie-chickJulie lives in Nehalem with her husband Phil and boys Blake and Noah. Blake has Down syndrome which has never stopped him or the family to explore the wonders of the north Oregon coast – or other amazing places. Her passion is the outdoors and recreation; combining this with 8 years of experience in the environmental education and outreach arena at a local Oregon coast non-profit offers motivation to get those experiencing disability integrated through local farming and outdoor recreation.


Vicki_Website200x200Vicki is a true homegrown Oregonian. After graduating from David Douglas HS she began her career at Standard Insurance Co. where she worked in investments, earned a B.S. in Business from Portland State University with a 12 year old at home and eventually retired as Vice President. Now she lives on the north coast of Oregon with her husband, Brian, 3 dogs, and her two grandchildren close by. She and Brian travel internationally when it is not the salmon fishing season. They are both very involved grandparents and understand the importance of caring for a child with Down syndrome and looking out for the future.




On March 1, 2019, twenty-four people gathered on the hillside of Nehalem and poured out passion, need, desire, and will to achieve a community culture that includes everyone in ‘the dream’ where all means all and to acknowledge we are finished looking at those with disability through an old-antiquated lens. Our belief is about supporting everyone’s full potential and honoring the choice of where someone wants to live, work, and participate in the community. Sammy’s Place has assembled the commitment of what it sees as a ‘Dream Team’ in the development of it’s Advisory Team. This team of people brings a breadth of experience of living, working, and thriving with disability, locally and statewide. Sammy’s Place is honored to be surrounded by such talent, creativeness and grace, and those who know the North Coast of Oregon is a perfect place to live, and a choice we all should share. 


The Advisory Team has the intention:

1. To keep the communication flowing between the executive team and the community.
2. To harvest a breath of knowledge and passion for the project.
3. To build the board with intentional integrity. 
4. To maintain positive forward movement in the growth of the overall team and project.
Sammy’s Place: Where everyone is supported to learn, grown, and thrive!

ANTHONY STOPPIELLO, Architect, Nehalem


GLADYS JACOBSEN, Parent, Nehalem


LYNDA CHICK, Family member, Nehalem
lynda-chick-smLynda Chick is a Chicago transplant and came to the North Coast of Oregon to take an active part in her nephews’ lives. Her professional background is as a Registered Nurse and Homeopath. In addition to her experience in health care, she brings to Sammy’s Place a deep love and respect for nature and her training in garden and permaculture design. She looks forward with enthusiasm to helping to build Sammy’s Place and create opportunities for all who live and work there to learn, grow and thrive on the beautiful North Coast of Oregon.


JOE WYKOWSKI, Founder, Community Vision Inc.

JULIE DALE, Parent, Tualitan, OR

KIMBER LUNDY, Tillamook County

LEAH GREENWOOD, Halstead-Greenwood Consulting, Vancouver, WA

PAUL PETERSON, Parent/Grandparent, Oceanside, OR

SUE HILLIARD, Parent, Nehalem