Next Steps

Between 2015 and the end of 2017 we have raised and saved nearly $80,000!  We have committed to reserving two-thirds of the money raised for the purchase or lease of land, while the remaining one-third we earmarked for planning and capacity building.

View our 2018 one-page VISION HERE!

Sammy’s Place is now working on several strategic priorities over the next five years. These priorities will set our course for the long-term vision of establishing a unique community living, working and respite development for people experiencing disability.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  1. Develop, fund and implement nature-based programs for people experiencing disability.
  2. Increase Sammy’s Place’s place in the community as an innovative leader in providing experiential services for people experiencing disability.
  3. Increase Board and staff capacity to accomplish Sammy’s Place’s strategic priorities.
  4. Increase annual fundraising and volunteerism
  5. Develop a Plan for the Long-Term Vision

We know that the money raised to date will not be enough to cover the full cost of any land. We hope that in the coming years we will add to that amount through our fundraising efforts and by pursuing larger grant opportunities.