About Us


Sammy’s Place was founded in 2006 as an Oregon 501(c)(3) organization. The original mission included providing respite to families with children experiencing disability.

In 2014, the mission was expanded to include the creation of a nature-inspired living, working, and respite business model for people who experience disability and those who share their journey.

Sammy’s Place seeks to empower those who experience disability by creating community opportunities to engage with the extraordinary natural environments of the North Coast of Oregon and the surrounding areas.

There’s also a great need for affordable housing and independent living opportunities for our community members that experience disability. Sammy’s Place is working towards providing alternative and innovative options for adults with disabilities.

In September 2017, Sammy’s Place became the sponsor of the 13th annual Buddy Walk at the Beach. Local and national supporters have successfully raised $80,000. Sammy’s Place held its first Strategic Planning Retreat in December 2015 to chart a course for how to achieve its near-term goals and still continues to refine the long-term vision.

In 2018 Sammy’s Place acquired a 3-acre parcel in Nehalem in partnership with Tillamook County to tackle the local housing crisis. The property is in need of a massive clean up. To date, nearly 2 tons of scrap metal have been hauled away and countless bags of garbage & debris. The project has grown a life of its own as more and more partners want to be involved in this cutting-edge vision of embracing the natural world with a co-housing model that invites those who experience disability to live along-side those without.