2015/16 Progress Update

In 2015, Sammy’s Place received a groundswell of support for our new vision and mission. Following this success, we have set out to be good stewards of our donors’ money while building capacity to realize our shared vision.

We held a first strategic planning retreat in December 2015. Community members were invited to participate in a portion of this meeting. People with special needs and their parents shared their ideas, needs and requests with us.

We were bolstered to hear that our vision was, indeed, shared by our special needs friends. We also learned how the services we intend to provide would fill a gap in relation to those that are already available.

We are now turning our attention towards launching nature-based programs for and with our special needs community. These programs will be focused on recreational, educational, and employment opportunities. We are also seeking venues and partners for these programs.

During this next stage of our development, we will continue to build capacity, including recruitment of skilled board members, advisors, and volunteers. Please continue to follow our progress, and if our mission and vision speak to you, please consider joining us.